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I’ve 10 images and I am using a for loop to get all image and using time.sleep(3) , so I can see a slideshow of all 10 images. The problem is some of the images are automatically rotated 90 degrees whereas some 180 degrees (flipped). I do not want my images to be rotated. How can I fix this. below is the code?

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 placeholder.image(image, caption='2022 UK Trip with Mom',use_column_width='always')

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Hi @abhiadukia , thanks for submitting your issue and love all the photos in your app! Looks like a fun 2022 UK trip with your mom :slight_smile:

Are all your photos correctly upright? Can you just rotate all your images through an online tool such as Rotate image online or
use code?
How to rotate an image using Python? - GeeksforGeeks.