Streamlit Integration with AWS,ATHENA,S3

Hi Everyone!

Advanced happy new year to you all!

I am new to streamlit and I have been asked to do a feasibility study for dashboarding solution. I want the help of you all to find out the answers of the below questions. I tried but was not able to get a clarity on these.

  1. Is there any data limit that can be displayed for the streamlit library ?
  2. How long it would take to load data of varied sizes is there any way to find it or is load test the way to go ?
  3. How can I integrate streamlit with AWS S3,Athena and Redshift ?

Kindly help me get some clarity on these


My 2 cents on item 3:

In order to connect to AWS using python you should use a library called boto3 ( Redshift is also PostgreSQL compatible so you can use something like sqlalchemy-redshift as well.