Streamlit line chart doesn't recognize number field in Google sheet

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Dear everyone, why does streamlit not recognize the field name of 2022 in Google Sheet? I would attach the code as well. Thank You!

import streamlit as st
from gsheetsdb import connect
import itertools

import streamlit as st
from vega_datasets import data
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

# Create a connection object.
conn = connect()

# Perform SQL query on the Google Sheet.
# Uses st.cache to only rerun when the query changes or after 10 min.
def run_query(query):
    rows = conn.execute(query, headers=1)
    rows = rows.fetchall()
    return rows

sheet_url = st.secrets["public_gsheets_url"]
rows = run_query(f'SELECT * FROM "{sheet_url}"')

st.line_chart(rows, x="Date", y=["2022","Alarm","Flood"])

Two quick things:

  1. It’s recommended to switch from using st.cache to st.experimental_memo
  2. Can you try printing out your data before plotting it (i.e. st.write(rows)), in order to make sure it has all the columns that you expect?
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