Streamlit Multipages set default "wide layout"

Hello. Simple question, is there a way to set the default layout to “wide mode”?

I use “set_page_config” but because I can only use this on the main, when i refresh or reload the browser tab (I’m using streamlit cloud) whilst I’m on another page other than the layout wide mode is again reset. It’s fixed if I go back and back to the other pages again. So, set_page_config is not cutting it. Can we make it so that the default layout is “wide” so i dont have to use set_page_config?

One other annoying thing about this during development is when i change something in my code and I’m not on and streamlit autoreloads because of the changes in the code, it gives an error saying something like:

streamlit.errors.StreamlitAPIException: set_page_config() can only be called once per app

but i only have it on I think one thing that could fix this is a function that makes it so that when the code autoupdates or the browser tab is reloaded, because we have multipages, it should redirect back to where it can find set_page_config (or at least a function we can use to manually redirect the page combined with session_states)

Thank you in advance

Hi @Shiro,

Thanks for posting!

st.set_page_config should enable you to toggle between wide and centered mode dynamically when switching between pages of a multi-page app. Since the function works nicely with callbacks, if you’re selecting a page in a multipage app using an st.selectbox , for example, you could call st.set_page_config with the desired layout argument within the callback to the widget depending on the page that you’re on.

Related GH issue where @vdonato explained the above

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