Streamlit Navbar

Oww i get your idea, thank you so much for your response and amazing work. @Probability

Im really glad that my minor mini project became an idea for something bigger!

great work!

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In theory combining the two doesn’t seem like something hard, you can rebuild the navbar as you wish, and make it behave / work / look as you wish, due to it not being based on streamlit, its just a simple html with some redirections.


If i undestand you idea , it’s possible to have a fixe navbar?
by fixe navbar, i mean : Each time we click in a new item in menu , the navbar goes down then up,

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Hello! Thanks for your great work!

But i’m having a problem with the streamlit rerun() feature, every time it’s triggered I got the Exception ‘Please use the main app.’
Do you have any workaround on this?

Thanks again!