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I am a newbie and I just cannot figure out how to render another streamlit page through the navigation bar. I have a multi-page streamlit app: Home and Contact Me page, the Contact_ is in the folder called “pages”. So far so good. Now, I want to use the option menu bar library to create a navigation bar instead of the sidebar and I did manage to do that. However, when I click on Contact Me in the navigation bar, I want to be navigated to the Contact Me page and I just cannot figure out how to do that.
Btw. I like the sidebar, but on mobile view nobody notices that there are multiple pages, this is why a navbar on the top of the page would be more user friendly.
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Hi @hmh0490

Thanks for your question. It seems that the multipage feature and the streamlit-option-menu are conflicting with one another. I would recommend to choose one of these to build the entirety of the app. From your explanation it seems that you’d like to go in the navbar route and thus a single page app would be the recommended route.

There’s a third route which is to add custom CSS and this is shown in a video that I made a while back ( the GitHub repo with code of the app is in the video description.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Chanin,

Thanks for your feedback! Option 3 is great, however, based on the video it has its shortcomings and those might not look too professional. Since I plan to add more pages, I do not think option 2 is optimal either. Nevertheless I have a temporary solution, namely I added a hyperlink to the current text and that will guide the users to the contact me page. Again, thanks for your suggestions! It’s very useful to know about those features.

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