Streamlit not deploying photo or database

My app works on local host, but not when deployed. Specifically, it won’t upload my picture, and when I remove that code it gives an error relating to the data base tables. Here’s some screenshots as well as my github link. Thank you guys so much in advance!

the is with the code relating to the image

This is with the code relating to the image taken out

Hi @BrandonSpadafora :wave:

As your app, db, and image files are within the Myra_blog/ folder in your repo, you need to prepend Myra_blog/ to the path of files you’re trying to load/display in your app. E.g.

conn = sqlite3.connect('Myra_blog/data.db')
image ='Myra_blog/myra1.jpg')

Once you make the change, your app should successfully deploy! :partying_face:

Happy Streamlit-ing!, :balloon:

Thank you!

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