Streamlit Official Documentation in pdf format

I’ve been using streamlit for a few days now.
I have been looking for detailed offline documentation of streamlit for a while now but haven’t been able to find any apart from this one:
Streamlit Release 0.61.0 documentation
I have also tried crawling through the online documentation but I realized javascript generated pages cannot exactly be crawled.
Is there any detailed offline documentation out there? Maybe I missed it on the official site (couldn’t find it so far)
Thank you!

Just bumping this so it gets on the top

Hi @Shiva, Juan here :wave:

Thanks for bringing this up! That makes sense. We’re going to be working on a solution to export our Documentation site into PDF format every time we publish updates to it, so I’ll keep you posted when that’s implemented.

In the meantime, a temporary solution might be cloning our site and running it locally:

git clone
yarn install
yarn dev

Hopefully that helps! I’ll let you know as soon as we have the PDF export solution ready :slightly_smiling_face: