Streamlit on Pivotal (Cloud Foundry)

Hi I am new here. I really love streamlit so far. I’m trying to deploy the streamlit app on PCF (Pivotal Cloud Foundry) and I am not successful yet. A custom url is created for my streamlit app in PCF, I’m not sure how to connect to this url instead of local host.

I tried the following ways:

  1. streamlit run --server.address (url)
  2. Using a similar to heroku

Any leads?


Hi @hariharaprabhu, welcome to the Streamlit community!

Pretty sure this is the first time Pivotal has ever come up, so unfortunately I don’t know the answer. Maybe someone else does, or if you figure it out, you can let us know so the next person has the answer :slight_smile:

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Thanks Randy. I’m trying to find the answer, if I get somewhere I will update over here. Appreciate your response.


Finally got to deploy the app in Pivotal Cloud Foundry. For anyone, who is receiving a port error, please add this command to manifest file.

command: streamlit run --server.port 8080 --server.enableCORS false

Your app code is not going to change for deployment. The rest of files need to be included is similar to a flask deployment in Pivotal.

I find this link useful:

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Thanks for following up @hariharaprabhu! The community’s knowledge grows as people post answers like this :slight_smile:

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First of all, thanks for sharing.
I am working on a similar project and get the fowlloing error:

Is there a way to run the server with CORS enabled?
Meaning, how can I specify allowed host?
Is there a --server.allowed hosts or something?