Streamlit pandas data frames on deployed app not displaying

Hi, I’ve deployed my first every ML app on Streamlit and it seems to be working with the exception of the pandas dataframes not displaying correctly. Hoping I can get some help with this.

I get the following error message for all the st.Dataframe and st.write lines:
Error: Loading CSS chunk 9 failed. (./static/css/9.b2dcd7df.chunk.css) or
Cannot load Streamlit frontend code. This can happen when you update Streamlit while a Streamlit app is running.

Here is the link to my app:

And my GitHub repo, relevant directory is ‘streamlit’:

Much appreciated!

Seems to work here. Maybe it is some transient network issue?

Interesting, I am in Switzerland. Where are you located?

Its working perfectly on my iPhone. I will need to look into why my its not working on my desktop. Thanks!

I am in Spain. It may be a browser issue too. I am using gnome web, webkit based like safary and all iphone browsers.