Streamlit passing pydeck layers as constraints

Hello everyone. I am new to Streamlit and I use it with PyDeck and I have a couple of Questions. Please bear with my long post.

Question 1

pp = pdk.Deck(
# tooltip=tooltip

deckchart = st.pydeck_chart(pp)
os.system(“streamlit run …/Assignment_2_DV/”)

I am using this code to run the chart locally, the problem is new instances keep opening in new browser tabs automatically.

Question 2

As shown in the image, I used two-column layers from Pydeck to visualize the data. Is it possible to set the layers as options in the select box?

Question 3
From the above image, is it possible to have on-click events when clicked on the columns in the map?

Appreciate any help. Thank you.

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