Streamlit Responsive Ui

Welcome all :blush:
How to make streamlit app Responsive Ui
For mobile & pc?

Nothing special. It already is.

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How to, please any example?

Some time, charts, tables, dataframe, image
Showing out side page in mobile

If you are having trouble with something specific, can you share your code/GitHub/screenshots? Streamlit is mobile-responsive by default, so if you’re having a problem it would be helpful to know specifically what is giving you issues. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for reply.
Yes off course, streamlit ui responsive already.

The problem in table or dataframe view. Can’t show all columns.

Any ideas please.

I can’t share code.

But I will attach pictures

This one on desktop mode

These are in mobile.

So it looks like you have dataframes inside two columns inside an exander?

And a Plotly chart inside of an expander?

Are those the two cases giving you problems?

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Thanks for reply
Yes currently.

I think after reading streamlit documents and search on internet ,

May be I can solve this problem by use streamlit tabs or use streamlit multi page.

Thank you very much for your interest and help

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