Streamlit run URL error: Page cannot be reached

After running my app and clicking on the provided URL, I keep getting this error message that the page can’t be reached. I have tried changing the server port to 8502 but it still doesn’t work. Please what can I do?

Hi @Mimi,

Thank you for your question.

Would it be possible for you to send us the repo as well as an error log trace, if anything from your console is being displayed?


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Thank you @Charly_Wargnier

Sure, I can provide you with the repository. This is a link to it, specifically to the python file for app. Github repo.
For the error log trace, there is no error being displayed on my console. When I use the command Streamlit run It runs smoothly giving me the URLs I need to access the running app on my browser. The issue is that when I click on the link it keeps on saying that the page can’t be reached.

Thanks, @Mimi,

Just to clarify – when you use the command streamlit run, it runs smoothly. But when you click on the link, it keeps saying that the page can’t be reached.

Which link are you referring to?


Yes @Charly_Wargnier
Okay so below is a screenshot of my terminal. Once I click on the URL provided and I am taken to another tab on my browser that is when I get the error that the page can’t be reached.

Thanks @Mimi.

Here’s a command you can try to bind Streamlit to all interfaces:

streamlit run --server.address

Would you mind letting me know what you get?


Thank you @Charly_Wargnier, I tried your suggestion, but it still didn’t work. I’m still getting the error that the page can’t be reached.


Have you looked into any network restrictions or firewall settings that might be blocking the app’s port? Also, have you checked if the port you’re using (e.g., 8502) isn’t occupied by another application? You can maybe try other ports if necessary.