Streamlit Share rogue processes

What happens to rogue processes on streamlit share?

For instance if running locally and I terminate streamlit (ctrl c) and I still see code output to the console after streamlit has printed Stopping will this behavior eat up resources on streamlit share (inorder to kill the code I have to close the terminal window)? Or do instances get killed every time a user refreshes or navigates away from a page?

Apologies if this question is unclear and thanks for such a wonderful application!

Hi @Chris_Correll, not sure what you mean about rogue processes in this case. In terms of Streamlit sharing, the app will continue to be served until there are 7 continuous days of no traffic to the app or no commits to the app repo.

In terms of long-running processes and users navigating away, I think that the Tornado server that powers Streamlit checks for connections periodically. When it detects no active connections, then my assumption will be that the processes will stop running.


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Thanks @randyzwitch that covered it!