Streamlit sharing extend invitation

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas. I wanted to share my project on the analysis of English Premier League players, but unfortunately I did not receive an invitation by email. In the email, I was advised to ask someone in the Community to extend an invitation. Can anyone help me with this?

Best Regards!

P.S. I know there is a heroku as an alternative, but can someone help me with the invitation:)

Hey @mivankin and welcome to the community :wave:t3:,

Just sent you an invite with the getting started info for sharing - looking forward to seeing your EPL app! :balloon:

Hi. Happy New Year! Would you invite me to streamlit as well? I am new to it and want to explore it for a project I need to do. It is my break time, so dont wanna wait few days for streamlit to send their invitation. Truly appreciate your help.

Hey @Dryasaman - Happy New Year :partying_face:!

Just added you into Streamlit sharing - feel free to let us know if you have any questions and would love to hear more about your project.