Streamlit Sharing queries

Can I deploy , then re-deploy on Streamlit Sharing?
Let’s say I make a personal website deploy it to Streamlit-sharing then I need to make changes to it /updating my profile , can I re-deploy it back to Sharing?
Could I know specs of Streamlit Sharing like memory, etc?

Yes, every time you push a commit to GitHub, your app should rebuild itself automatically. So there’s no action you need to take, and depending on what you are doing, you could actually use Streamlit sharing as your development environment. Meaning, make commits in GitHub, then view your website to see if it did what you wanted.

In terms of the specs, it’s roughly 1GB of disk and 1GB of RAM.

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How do I make sure my repo /files will fit in the disk?

The only way is to try, though I’m sure you could estimate via the size of your Git repo locally. Of course, you also need to take into account whatever packages you want to load.

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Hmm seems like that