Streamlit Shorts: Recap Videos

Hey Community :wave:t3:,

In this series of shorts I will demonstrate how to use the widgets from our Core Functionality Series together to make an app :partying_face::tada:

The first recap short combines the button, checkbox and radio buttons!

Check it out below: :heart_eyes:

:tv: Video:

:desktop_computer: Sample code:

import streamlit as st

st.title("Radio Buttons, Checkboxes and Buttons")

page_names = ['Checkbox', 'Button']
page ='Navigation', page_names)
st.write("**The variable 'page' returns:**", page)

if page == 'Checkbox':
   st.subheader('Welcome to the Checkbox page!')
   st.write("Nice to see you! :wave:")

   check = st.checkbox("Click here")
   st.write('State of the checkbox:', check)

   if check:
       nested_btn = st.button("Button nested in Checkbox")

       if nested_btn:
   st.subheader("Welcome to the Button page!")

   result = st.button('Click Here')
   st.write("State of button:",result)

   if result:
       nested_check = st.checkbox("Checkbox nested in Button")

       if nested_check: