Streamlit sidebar in mobile view

The sidebar closes unexpectedly while on mobile. It works well with radio buttons but closes before providing input while using select box i.e. I will click to show options in the selectbox and the sidebar will close. Similarly, the text box closes upon selecting it to provide an input in the sidebar.

The select box closes by itself half the times or more, not always.

Often, the sidebar also closes upon unhiding it, before anything could be done.

A short video demo of it is in this link:

Thank you for your support. Absolutely love streamlit.


Hey @vivekdse, welcome to the community!

I can’t access the video, it tells me it’s a private video, could you check the access settings ?


Sorry about that. Please check here:


This also happens to me! :slight_smile:

I am seeing this as well, on Android / Chrome.
When i select an input_number field, the keyboard pops up but the sidebar closes.