Streamlit stopped working last night for cloud and local processing


Last night 2023-01-17 around 11:20ish CT both my cloud and local instances running the same python script stopped working, they would just spin in a RUNNING state. Both had been working fine for hours prior to this, no changes were made. The issue lasted for about 30 minutes, then started working again.

My question is, what was the problem and why would it affect the local side? I get it if there is cloud maintenance or something but this was clearly something with Streamlit itself. So there must be some call home, or data collection that if it fails it hangs the local Streamlit instance as well? This is concerning.

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Even if Streamlit is having issues (collecting usage data?), it should not prevent a local instance from working.

Actual behavior:

Both cloud and local instance stopped working

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Can you share your code? If both cloud and local instance stopped working (and a refresh/new session and app reboot was also not working for both), then I would also be inclined to consider some dependent service outage. However, I haven’t any clue what kinds of things your script does, so I’m not sure what the possibilities are. It is good practice to use try-except to elegantly handle any parts that fall out of your control.


The code is running fine now as it has been for months. I even ran a very simple streamlit page as a test and that hung as well while this issue existed. It’s not the code. There is definitely something that failed on the Streamlit side that prevented both cloud and local from working for a period of time. I am curious what callbacks Streamlit has when you initially run the code that would prevent it from processing. Its not the browser.gatherUsageStats I have that disabled. And more importantly why would it prevent the code from processing if it fails?

I’m not sure what to say without the details. I unplugged my network cord and had no issues initializing or continuing to run my Streamlit apps that don’t have other APIs utilized. (That was on 1.16.0, by the way.) So I don’t see any part of vanilla Streamlit that is dependent on something external. Sorry I can’t help more than that.

Interesting, thanks for trying something.

I wish it was still broke so I could further troubleshoot.

This is a long, long shot, but I wonder if this update to Streamlit Cloud can be somehow related:

This app uses gspread so could be related? And unfortunately my alternative limited test was using gspread as well. Hmmm

Hey @saluinvests, can you share a code snippet so we can try to reproduce the issue?

Sorry I can’t, but the modules in this app are below, if its related to gspread it might be easy to duplicate? If it happens again I will run a streamlit app thats not using gspread 5.7.2.

import json
import time
import math
import requests
from datetime import date
from datetime import timedelta
import pandas as pd
import streamlit as st
import gspread

Thanks for the interest/feedback.