Apps deployed on Streamlit cloud not GDPR compliant due to Google Fonts API calls

Hi everybody,

after deploying apps on Streamlit Cloud we noticed that our app made Google Fonts API calls to load fonts from Goolge servers in contrast to the local version, which uses locally stored fonts (see this thread). Unfortunately these calls are not GDPR compliant and thus we cannot continue using Streamlit Cloud. Does anybody know how to change this or how to contact the Streamlit Cloud Team regarding this issue? This should not only affect us but every european company/research institution.

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Thanks for letting us know! We’re looking into it now.


This would be important to me too! Hopefully a solution can be found!

Sorry it took awhile to respond but that’s because we were figuring this out and good news, as of the Cloud release tonight, Google fonts are now self-hosted on Community Cloud! And they’ve always been self-hosted on Streamlit open source. So you should be good to go now :smiley:


Hi Amanda,

thank you for your response. I put one ouf our apps back online today but I still see dynamically loaded Google Fonts in the CSS. See: (


Apologies this is my bad! I thought we had pushed the release but the release is happening tonight. The code merged last week. Please check again tomorrow!