Streamlit theme keeps throwing primaryColor error

I keep getting errors when i run “streamlit run”

error message : AssertionError: Key “Theme.primaryColor” is not defined.

This is what I have in my ,streamlit/config.toml file


primaryColor = “#E694FF
backgroundColor = “#00172B
secondaryBackgroundColor = “#0083B8
textColor = “#DCDCDC
font = “sans-serif”

someone help please. the previous thread about this didn’t have a final answer

Hey @nelsonchristof,

can you post a link to a GitHub repo of your code? The directory structure is important so I just wanted to check on that.

also in your terminal when you run your app with streamlit run and the app name is that all your passing to it?

also, what’s the version of Streamlit, browser and operating system of your computer?

Happy Streamlit-ing!

That is the github repo. i really appreciate your help

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Hi @nelsonchristof

Try replacing [Theme] with [theme] in the config.toml file :slight_smile:

Best regards,


this worked , thanks

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