StreamlitAPIException: set_page_config()

Hello, everyone.
My program prompt error, code only write once, why will prompt.
StreamlitAPIException : set_page_config() can only be called once per app, and must be called as the first Streamlit command in your script.

Hi @haha :wave:

I suspect one or more of the pages / packages you import (DRGtest_web or About or help) also call st.set_page_config(). The fix would be to either not import the pages or exclude st.set_page_config() in the imported pages.

It gives an error periodically, not every time it runs, and set_page_config is not in code.

A copy of the code, perhaps in a GitHub repo would help us debug. Without looking at the code we can only guess what the issue is.

Note: as the error says, st.set_page_config() must be the first Streamlit command in your script. If you’ve called Streamlit commands in the pages you import, you will see this error.