Struggling with buttons colors

Hi Everyone! I am trying to change the color of a single button in my app. I 've tried the markdown option and the theming option as well. The problem is that these options change the color of all the buttons in my app, and I only want to change the color of just one. Is there any way to do that? Thanks

What about setting the first button as a primary button, and leave the rest as secondary. This can be done with the keyword argument type in st.button.

import streamlit as st
from itertools import cycle

cols = cycle(st.columns(3))

for i,col in zip(range(1, 13), cols):
    if i == 1: button_type = 'primary'        #Treat the button 1 as primary 
    else: button_type = 'secondary'        #Leave the rest as secondary
    with col: 
        st.button(f"Button #{i}", use_container_width=True, type=button_type)
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Hi @Ahmed1, have a look at the code by @mathcatsand also. The link is hereinbelow:


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thanks a lot everyone that was really helpful. I am working on this major project with my employer and we are using streamlit. I will keep coming with many questions, so thanks again for your help. And hopefully I can acquire more experience and be helpful to others in the future

Thanks edsaac that was really helpful. I actually combined your idea with the markdown method and it worked