Style Function not working when adding markers to session state


Hello all. I am using streamlit to build an app where I have a map, perform some spatial operations through a function, and then want to add these polygons/points/lines to my main map. I do these by adding them through the st.session_state bit. I want these shapes to have a particular style, and usually Iโ€™d do that by adding some info to the style function in the folium.GeoJson(โ€ฆ) code snippet. But they donโ€™t seem to pick up the style.

Steps to reproduce

Code snippet:

if 'markers' not in st.session_state:
    st.session_state["markers"] = []

fg = folium.FeatureGroup(name="Markers")
for marker in st.session_state["markers"]:

m = create_map()

map = st_folium(m,

def make_polygons():
style1 = {'lineColor': '#000000'}
intersect = folium.GeoJson(intersecting_polygons, style_function= lambda x: style1)

I expect it to pick up the style I have put in, but I get the default style.
An image of what I get below:

Hi @sim-arora

There appears to be existing resources on coloring for folium geojson function that you could look into:

Got the same problem. Existing resources seems to be ignored when used in a feature_group_to_add