Style row in dataframe

I am trying to see how to style a row in a dataframe. There are several topics on this question (Styling dataframe, Styling a row in a dataframe). However, I am unable to find any of the answers satisfactory. Here is an example:

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd

import streamlit as st

def make_closest_station_id_global():
    global i
    i = 2

def highlight(x):
    c1 = 'background-color: red'
    c2 = 'background-color: white'

    checklist = df['A'] == i

    df1 = pd.DataFrame(np.where(checklist, c1, c2), index=x.index, columns=x.columns)

    return  df1

# Create a table to be styled in various ways
df = pd.DataFrame({"A": np.linspace(1, 5, 5)})
df = pd.concat([df, pd.DataFrame(np.random.randn(5, 4), columns=list("BCDE"))], axis=1)
df.iloc[0, 2] = np.nan, axis=None)

st.header("Streamlit Testing")

I want to keep the row number dynamic based on a condition and I don’t see how to pass that to highlight ?

did the deploymwnt work the same for you? i mean is it deployed without any error?