Suggestions for streamlit

so i have some suggestions for streamlit:

  1. password boxes: they would be like normal text inputs, but displayed in dots (st.pasword or similar).

  2. clearing the screen: having a function (st.clear) that would delete any widgets or text and have blank screen.

  3. again, themes and secrets i would love to see

Hi henosBot,

  1. is actually already possible

st.text_input("Please enter password", type="password")

Will do the trick, see also the docs.

Regarding 2) could you explain the usecase? Perhaps there is a way to do it with existing functionality. I’m not sure I understand a situation where this is useful though…

Regarding 3), I think both are coming quite soon!

  1. thx, i didnt notice that :confused:

  2. i have buttons that change the page, but i want to clear the page so i can have a new page without the big long url

  3. ok, hopefully they come soon