Sunburst chart gives empty output

I have to plot two sunburst charts from a Dataframe. My dataframe includes client, internal teams, value to invoice, value invoiced.
While successfully I can draw sunburst chart for value invoiced with [‘month’, ‘internal teams’, ‘client’] path, it gives me the empty chart for ‘value to invoice’

col1, col2, col3 = st.columns(3)

                    fig1=px.sunburst(st.session_state['onorari_team_graph'][st.session_state['onorari_team_graph']['month']==st.session_state['C_T_M']], path=['month', 'team', 'commessa'], values='Onorari fatturabili',title='Onorari fatturabili')

                    fig2=px.sunburst(st.session_state['onorari_team_graph'][st.session_state['onorari_team_graph']['month']==st.session_state['C_T_M']], path=['month', 'team', 'commessa'], values='di cui fatturati', title='di cui fatturati' )

                    fig3=px.sunburst(st.session_state['onorari_team_graph'][st.session_state['onorari_team_graph']['month']==st.session_state['C_T_M']], path=['month', 'team', 'commessa'], values='da fatturare (rolling)', title='da fatturare (rolling)')

                    with col1:
                        st.plotly_chart(fig1, theme="streamlit")
                    with col2:
                        st.plotly_chart(fig2, theme="streamlit")
                    with col3:
                        st.plotly_chart(fig3, theme="streamlit")

can you help to figure out the problem?

Hey @Sinakian,

Thanks for sharing your question! Sorry for the late response.

Unfortunately, the code snippet you shared isn’t runnable as-is – if you’re able to share a more complete code snippet (include your import statements and make sure the snippet is runnable), we can help you figure out why the third chart is empty :blush:

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