Take Float input with number_input

I am trying to take float as input with the help of number_input but it’s converting it into integer value somehow.

totChol = st.number_input(label=“cholesterol level in mg/dL”,step=1,format="%i")
sysBP = st.number_input(label=“systolic blood pressure”,step=1,format="%.2f")

I tried this two things but when I use format="%.2f" it shows warning :

Warning: NumberInput value below has type int so is displayed as int despite format string %.2f.

when I use format="%i" it converts it into integer. I want to take input like this : 125.34
How can I do that? @Creators

when step is an integer it assumes integer input. So
try this:
sysBP = st.number_input(label=“systolic blood pressure”,step=1.,format="%.2f")

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Thank you for replying , It’s working Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: