The Problem changing label font of text input and multi select

Is there any way to change text_input and multi select’s label as bold . Besides How can we change the text_input’s default content as a faded color type? In the multi-select section, default content (choose an option) seems as faded.


st.text_input('Application', 'streamlit')  #streamlit=default content  in text_input area

Hi @murat_tasci , check out this video: 4 ways of styling Streamlit widgets | Streamlit Tutorial - YouTube
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st.markdown(".stTextInput > label {font-size:105%; font-weight:bold; color:blue;} ",unsafe_allow_html=True) #for all text-input label sections

st.markdown(".stMultiSelect > label {font-size:105%; font-weight:bold; color:blue;} ",unsafe_allow_html=True) #for all multi-select label sections