The streamlit does not refresh the dataframe on the localhost

I am New in pandas and streamlit , What I am trying is to filter such a dataframe using streamlit selectbox
bit unfortuently everything is going well except that when changing the filter value it does not reflect on the shown table

as you could see the name in the filter does not update the table

he streamlit page
st.set_page_config(page_title='makraa reports',layout='wide')

# make filteration
st.sidebar.header("make filtration criteria")
nameFilter= folderDF['Name'].unique()
halkaFilter= folderDF['halka'].unique()
sheikhFilter= folderDF['sheikh'].unique()

student_choice= st.sidebar.selectbox("select the student Name",nameFilter)
halka_choice= st.sidebar.selectbox("select the halka Number",halkaFilter)
sheikh_choice= st.sidebar.selectbox("select the sheikh Number",sheikhFilter)
# student_choice2= st.sidebar.multiselect("select the student Name",options=nameFilter,default=nameFilter)

filteredDf=folderDF[folderDF["Name"]== student_choice]
# filteredDf=folderDF.query('Name==@student_choice')

note st.dataframe(filteredDf) does not make any difference

could you give a hand in this