Train the model on colab and use it in local

Is it possible to train my model and colab and create streamlit application on local PC!?

Yes…train the model, store it as pickle file and then use it (import) for inference - create streamlit application on local pc…


Thanks a lot!, since I am a beginner, can you share some examples!

@seanbenhur49 Store your pickle file (*.pkl) in a directory where you place streamlit python file…
#open, load and use it like below…its just an example…
import pickle

pickle_file = open(".pkl",“rb”)
m = pickle.load(pickle_file)

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Thanks a lot for the explanation!!

Hey, I’m using same procedure to load my pytorch deep learning model. But it is giving me following error:
AttributeError: Can’t get attribute ‘Network’ on <module ‘main’ from ‘E:\Deployment Projects\FeCare\’>

Can u suggest something?

Please, in my on case.
It display

ModuleNotFoundError: no module named’sklearn’

Thank you for help in advance.

Hi there, I have this example that could be of some help for starters…