Trying to deploy face_recognition app- error such as dlib installation failed

I have successfully installed face_recognition app in my system. It is working perfectly. But when I am trying to deploy the same using share.streamlit , it shows dlib installation failed. My requirments.txt file is as follows

  • numpy
  • Pillow
  • cmake
  • opencv-python-headless
  • dlib-bin
  • streamlit
  • face_recognition

Please resolve issue, Thank you


Sharing what @snehankekre posted on this thread:

I’m not sure how best to phrase this, but as I understand it, it is impossible to install the face-recognition library on Streamlit Community Cloud.

Why? The installation of face-recognition requires dlib to be compiled. When dlib is being compiled, the compiler runs out of RAM and gets OOM-killed. The default 1GB of RAM is insufficient to build the dlib dependency for the face_recognition Python package.

I’ve been unsuccessful in getting face_recognition installed on Cloud via all methods Pipenv, requirements.txt, environment.yml, and pyproject.toml. Happy to be proven wrong though :sweat_smile:


Anyone stumbling upon this thread i got news