Unable to install Dlib

I’m using OpenCV in my app, so it is asking to install cmake and dlib for it , but I’m unable to install them.
Can’t we use opencv directly without installing cmake and dlib ?
I have tried using dlib, dlib-bin, dlib-binary.

Hey @sakp7,

Can you share your GitHub repo so we can fork it and try to reproduce the issue/find a solution?

Sure, here is my repo.
sakp7/Facial-Recognition-Attendence-System (github.com)

Hey, did you find any solution.

create a file name packages.txt in the app folder and write libgl1 in packages.txt file.
Then it’s good to go… but from last 2 weeks there is an issue with apt-get in streamlit servers. so It’s better if u deploy your app in huggingface.io. and also that doesn’t require any packages.txt file, just app.py and requirements.py and dependency files.

Thank you :slight_smile:

create packages.txt and include this in it


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