Trying to remove the numbers on the top st.table(). Thanks!

Trying to remove the numbers (0,1,2…) at the top of my table. I know how do hide the numbers on the left side of table, just not the top. Thank you!

Hey @bradyjosh96,

The first line at the top is the header of your data frame, usually, you wouldn’t want to remove this because it would hold the column names for your data and help explain what people are looking at.

But if you do still want them gone (I see there are some cases that this would be useful), I believe this would be a pandas functionality, have you tried header=None when you load your data in?

I was following the advice on this stack exchange post for pandas!


Thanks for the link! Any idea how to do this without pandas?

Hey @bradyjosh96,

I’m not sure what you mean here? You’re looking for a way to remove the header of a pandas DataFrame but not using pandas?

I don’t know of any packages that you can use on a pandas DataFrame that would remove headers.

What is your use case?


One can indeed supply a plain python list to st.table(). In this case column and row headers are generated automatically by the streamlit/pandas code. Since there is no direct option to switch of the headers, I think we must use pandas.