Turn off cache for a particular object?

Hi community,

Is it possible to turn off cache for a particular object at run time?
For example I have an expensive calculation that I want to cache by default. However, if the user so chooses, the cache can be turned off and calculations re-run from scratch.

import streamlit as st
from streamlit import caching
import time
import random

def expensive_calculation(seed, from_scratch=False):
    if from_scratch:
        # we may do some more expensive calculation 
        # when cache is "turned off"
        time.sleep(1) # less expensive calculation

def main():
    seed = st.sidebar.selectbox("input", [1, 2])
    from_scratch = st.sidebar.checkbox("always re-run")
    if from_scratch:
    st.write(expensive_calculation(seed, from_scratch))

if __name__ == "__main__":

Then random here shows off the effect of clearing cache: the results are different every time when from_scratch is turned on. In contrast, the result is the same when it’s turned off – and we only have to wait once.

But my problem is that I have many cached objects, and I want to turn off caching for this particular function, and not having to clear all cache.
Is it at all possible?