Tweet analyzer Project

Hi Friends,

I have created a Tweet Analyser using Streamlit as part of my learning journey. You just need to give user handle name (without ‘@’) to see the dashboard

I want your valuable comments on how this app can be improved. What other visualizations you wish to see in this.


I used @ and it crashed (because I didn’t read your message fully :sweat_smile:).

Please impliment something like this:

twitter_handle = st.text_input(“Enter a Twitter handle name”)
twitter_handle = twitter_handle.lower().replace("@","")

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Thanks alot​:relieved::relieved:. I should not have assumed that.
Will update :+1::+1:

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Hello. Nice application. I entered a name with spaces and the app produced an error. A solution would be to perform some simple cleaning on the users’ input to remove spaces and other handles that might cause problems. Otherwise great application.

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Excellent application! A vivid way to explore Twitter data. A potential addition to the app would be the ability to download the Tweet history as a csv or json. Great work, look forward to using the app!

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Amazing application!

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Thats brilliant !! never thought of it. The data will help people to do various analysis too…
Thanks alot :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback Devansh

Thanks for taking the time Brian. I will verify every exception that the input is causing.