Two problems when deploying from a folder in Windows

  1. Slash should be automatically replaced by backslash. I mean “v1\app” from Windows should map to “v1/app” on Debian Linux. Why is this not automatically done?

  2. Relative path is no longer working. It’s possible the current folder is not “v1”, but its parent. I don’t ask why, I’d simply say that’s wrong…

Just looking for a kind and reasonable justification here, as I’m a big fan of Streamlit, but I wasted hours to get this working… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

  • always use posix file paths with /, even on windows
  • always use relative paths
  • paths must be relative to the root folder of the github repo to work on streamlit cloud
  1. you’re right, always do (in the code, but here it was about the Deploy popup!)

  2. this is 100% bad for local mode debugging! :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

No, you don’t have to change anything on your paths to run the streamlit app either locally or deployed on streamlit cloud.


come up with a simple but specific example.

Please share a link to your public github repo and point to the issue regarding file paths.

…and look, I’ll give you mine.

you deploy your app from v1/

But the popup detects it’s from v1\, you have to replace \ with /, whatever…

But then all your relative “data/ttt.csv” is not found!

Because your deployed app runs from the parent of v1 as current folder!

ps: if you truly don’t understand even now what I am talking about, please stop. Not helping… :frowning:

Because that would cost money. It is on you to provide a reasonable justification for spending that money. I guess for most of us it is not a big deal. The behavior you are complaining about is pretty much how most of the software out there works.

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