Unable to change default option in streamlit app when using multiselect()

Issue: I am facing an issue of not able to select any other option other than default option when using st.multiselect() . I have also tried st.selectbox but faced an issue with that as well.


Demo web app link for issue: https://party-crime-record.streamlit.app/

Web page Code on github: Github link

multiselect option code chunk starts from line number: 46

Code snippet

with st.sidebar:
    State_List = df.lazy().select(pl.col('State')).unique().collect().to_series().to_list()

    # State_Selected = st.selectbox(label="Select State",
    #                               options = State_List)

    State_Selected = st.multiselect(label="Select State",
                                    options = State_List,
                                    default = ["Uttar Pradesh"], # Delhi West Bengal  
                                    # default = State_List[-1],

Expected behavior:

To be able to select any one option out of the 4 provided options that will create another input for the Year filter and also filter the data.

Actual behavior:

Every time I delete the default option it appears again without letting me select any other option.



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