Unable to delete app

Just started with streamlit deployment beta. I deployed my first app but i made some mistakes with the naming of the app. Then I re-deployed another app but was unable to delete the previous unsuccessful app. I tried many times also refreshed the page several time and also went to the app and tried to delete from manage app but was still unsuccessful.

Here the second one I wanted to delete.

Hi @Prakash! I looked into this on our side but I could not find any errors related the delete operations. I can see the app at https://s4a.streamlit.io/prakash-hash/neural-network-visualizer/master/streamlit_app.py/+/ is in an error state, likely due to the fact that the file does not exist.

Would you be able to try deleting the app one more time and check if it succeeds? Thanks!

Thanks @amey-st for looking into it. But I am still not able to delete the app ezgif.com-gif-maker

Hi @Prakash! Thanks a lot for taking time to record your screen and sending it over. Would you be available for a video call via Google Meet so that we could go through the flow together and debug the issue online? We are located in US Eastern and Pacific time zones, and I can handle the meeting logistics depending on your availability.


Hi, @amey-st! Yes I think I can do a Google Meet call and I am from India so here we follows the IST system for the time. I checked both the time zones and I think the most suitable time will be 8:00PM(IST) and which will be 10:30AM(US Eastern) in your time zone

Thanks @Prakash! I have sent the calendar event details via direct message. Looking forward!

I am seeing a similar issue to this. I delete an app from share.streamlit.io, and then about 30 seconds later, it comes back! Was there a resolution to this issue?