Unable to deploy any app

I am unable to deploy any app it is stuck after initializing the Java applet.

A link to your app and to your Github repository would be helpful in understanding what’s going on.

I am experiencing the same exact issue

I am getting the same error:

This is the link to my repo: GitHub - sully20832/AiSearchv1

Link to my app: https://sully20832-aisearchv1-app-uom1ly.streamlit.app

Your app is loading fine in that it is producing an expected error: you are missing a dependency. You need a packages.txt file in addition to your requirements. txt file. The requirements file is for the Python packages (everything you pip install). But any other things that need to be installed go (other software, command line tools, …) goes in the packages file to specify everything for Linux to sudo apt-get install … like libgl1 which includes cv2.