Unable to download file for my app when sharing it

Hello everyone,

So here is my problem: i successfully deployed my app thanks to streamlit share, but to run it needs a weight file which is more than 25MB (so i can’t put it in my github repository), that is why i added drive link to download this files which is (245 MB). But i don’t know how to put this file into my streamlit share app/ How to make streamlit share install this file when initializing my streamlit app, because it is absolutely necessary to run the app.

You can check my github repo for further informations: GitHub - WilfriedPonnou/Projet-Data-Science-EXPURGO: This was a Data Science project made at EFREI Paris with Antoine DELALOY, Anas MOUHMADI, Ismail BARTOLO, Raphael ALLARY, Sylvain PRUVOT.

Thanks in advance for your answers.