Unable to push drag and drop stream lit app to stream lit cloud

I am new to stream-lit and I am trying to deploy an app using the stream-lit cloud facility(free version) that can be found here → Cloud • Streamlit

The app that we are building, accepts image inputs through a drag and drop interface and displays outputs to the user. This app is working fine on my local machine. The GitHub repository for the same can be found here → GitHub - adhok/SeeFood: This is a Streamlit based application that provides basic information about Desi Food (origin, ingredients & preparation time).

While deploying on stream-lit cloud using the procedure provided, it gives me the following error. enter image description here

I tried restarting the process multiple times but it is giving the same error.

I also tried changing the name of the python file that contains stream-lit front-end functions from app.py to streamlit_app.py to no avail.

My hypothesis is that the repository is too big (in memory) for the streamlit-cloud interface as there are Keras Model Weights present, without which the model cannot make a prediction.

Please do let me know if there is anything I should change in my repository to make this work. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Adhokshaja_Pradeep,

Thanks for posting!

This looks like it was related to a temporary Streamlit Cloud issue – if you delete and redeploy the app, it should be working normally now. Please let me know if you run into any issues.

Caroline :balloon:

Hi @Caroline . Thanks for the update! It is working now :+1:

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