UnhashableTypeError: Cannot hash object of type _json.Scanner

Hi there! I’m using st.cache on this function which requests data from Coin Market Cap and then parses it using Beautiful Soup. I’m getting the UnhashableTypeError.

I went through the advance caching section in the docs and a few posts regarding this same issue, but I’m still not sure how to go about solving this using hash_funcs in my case.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

def load_data():
    cmc = requests.get('https://coinmarketcap.com')
    soup = BeautifulSoup(cmc.content, 'html.parser')

    data = soup.find('script', id='__NEXT_DATA__', type='application/json')
    coins = {}
    coin_data = json.loads(data.contents[0])

    global_metrics = coin_data['props']['pageProps']['globalMetrics']
    total_marketcap = global_metrics['marketCap']
    btc_market_share = global_metrics['btcDominance']
    eth_market_share = global_metrics['ethDominance']

    latest_listing_data = coin_data['props']['initialState']['cryptocurrency']['listingLatest']['data']
    keysArr = latest_listing_data[0]['keysArr']
    listings = latest_listing_data[1:]

    query = 'quote.' + currency_price_unit + '.'

    coin_name = []
    coin_symbol = []
    market_cap = []
    percent_change_1h = []
    percent_change_24h = []
    percent_change_7d = []
    price = []
    volume_24h = []

    for i in listings:

      i = {key : value for key, value in zip(keysArr, i)}


    df = pd.DataFrame(columns=['coin_name', 'coin_symbol', 'market_cap', 'percent_change_1h', 'percent_change_24h', 'percent_change_7d', 'price', 'volume_24h'])
    df['coin_name'] = coin_name
    df['coin_symbol'] = coin_symbol
    df['price'] = price
    df['percent_change_1h'] = percent_change_1h
    df['percent_change_24h'] = percent_change_24h
    df['percent_change_7d'] = percent_change_7d
    df['market_cap'] = market_cap
    df['volume_24h'] = volume_24h

    return df, total_marketcap, btc_market_share, eth_market_share

df, total_marketcap, btc_market_share, eth_market_share = load_data()

I’m hitting this issue as well using the code:

def fetch_data_json(filename: str) -> Dict[str, Any]:
    with open(filename, "r") as f:
        config = json.load(f)
    return config

Unclear how to solve this as previous suggestions say to allow output mutations but that obviously doesn’t fix the problem here…

i had the same issue, but when I made sure the version of streamlit was explicitly specified as1.10.0 in requirements.txt it went away. hope this helps

My streamlit version has been pinned the whole time. See UnhashableTypeError: Cannot hash object of type _json.Scanner... · Issue #4876 · streamlit/streamlit · GitHub for the issue thread. Same code in 1.10.0 fails but in 1.9.2 it works.