Upload multiple images in bulk or as zip folder for app to loop over?

Hi all,

I’d like to deploy a little streamlit app that loops over images I input and transforms them in a certain way. The amount of images Id like to loop over ranges from 10 to 10000 so I was wondering if there is a way to upload these in bulk or as zip folder so the script can unzip and process accordingly.

So far I have tried to use the file_uploader function even with multi file upload set to true, but the single select at a time is not a workable solution so far.

thanks in advance

How about putting all the image filenames that you want to process, into a CSV file and then uploading that single CSV using the Streamlit file uploader?

Your loop in the app processing the images can then be used to also read the images from disk before processing.

You could repeat the above for multiple image file combinations in CSV files.

Hi Shawn!

Thanks for your reply! I like the idea, but afraid I do not always know the filenames upfront. :neutral_face: .From an enduser perspective the above approach would likely require images to be placed in a cloud bucket before running the script + create the CSV to then allow the file paths to be created and images being read. Was hoping there to be a more user-friendly way to do this