URGENT : store a table in a database

Hello guys ,

I want to save this table into a database , how to do that please ?

def Input_Parameters():

X1 = st.number_input(’ X1’, min_value = 0, max_value =10 , step = 1)
X2 = st.number_input(‘X2’, min_value = 0 , max_value = 10 , step = 1)
X3= st.number_input(‘X3’, min_value = 0, max_value = 10 , step = 1)

if start_bot:



I want the table stored in a database ,

Thanks for your help

I never understand why I never get any answers

Hi @Iheb :wave:

We have a number of tutorials in our documentation demonstrating how to connect Streamlit apps to popular data sources: Connect to data sources - Streamlit Docs

Do give them a read and let us know if they helped!

Happy Streamlit-ing! :balloon:

I want to store the “Input_Parameters()” which is adding a line each time that I click on a button to a database.

the guide says :
“This guide explains how to securely access a PostgreSQL database from Streamlit Cloud”

I am currently working locally (I think) and I don’t want complicated stuff. I have trouble.

I have few lines of code to store those results in a database .

For someone who knows , this will take less than 1 min …

The guide also explains how to connect to a PostgreSQL database that you’re hosting locally. :slightly_smiling_face: If you skip the “Copy your app secrets to the cloud” section, the rest of the guide walks you through running your app locally and connecting to a local PostgreSQL database.

I am not going to follow streamlit documentation on this because it’s shit.

I was expecting code . If there is , I would be thankful. If not , no more replies to tell me there are tutorials on streamlit . Many stuff were skipped.

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One , I have opened 4 topics and never get answers (only one and he added 2 lines to put it than in his github code )

Two , this guy , come to tell me there is a documentation , I know about the documentation but it is not well explained.

Three , you came here , you can make an effort to say that I am abusive but you don’t give suggestion.

Four , this is a problem that makes me very nervous and it makes more nervous when someone give a useless answer ; just copy/paste and take “here it is” .

No , it’s not like that that we help people if we want it to…this is disrepectful but of course as you are in the same team whenver he does , he will alwayw be right. I know how it works.

Lastly , I have a lot better to do than come here and be abusive.