URL redirect inside a button

Hey! How can I open the url in the same tab of the browser? webbrowser didn’t help, it always opens a new tab and google search confirmed it’s not possible I used to have a hyperlink which opened the url in the same window

Please login via <a target="_self"

But I want a button that triggers URL redirect

login = st.button('Log in')
if login:

I guess I could extract that redirect function from st.write above but I have no experience in html and this code isn’t mine haha

I need this to run google auth inside the app.

You can create a button manually. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to style the button persistently across Streamlit versions (class hashes change each version).

import streamlit as st

    <a target="_self" href="https://eox.at">
            Please login via Google
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Thank you! That’s what I was looking for.

But well, the button looks ugly indeed.

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Did it work for you ? It works on local but do we need install anything on the server when we deploy the app.