Usability testing on maze

Hi all,
I’m trying to integrate a streamlit app on “maze” which is a website that provides usability tests and challenges and tracks the user’s behaviour during the tests. In order to do this, I need to put the tracking script below to my streamlit app specifically inside the element which doesn’t seem to be directly supported by streamlit. So is there a way to do it or a workaround?

This is the tracking script for maze

(function (m, a, z, e) {
  var s, t;
  try {
    t = m.sessionStorage.getItem('maze-us');
  } catch (err) {}

  if (!t) {
    t = new Date().getTime();
    try {
      m.sessionStorage.setItem('maze-us', t);
    } catch (err) {}

  s = a.createElement('script');
  s.src = z + '?apiKey=' + e;
  s.async = true;
  m.mazeUniversalSnippetApiKey = e;
})(window, document, '', 'fdcb6bfe-9e4b-4156-9f5f-20b467cfa69c');

I tried streamlit.components.v1 but it didn’t work. I also had some trials with streamlit.report_thread and streamlit.server.server as I saw some old discussions here but I couldn’t import these modules

Thanks in advance