Using a login button or a button, how can I open render a new tab for UI features

I wanna know, how can I implement, when a user is successful logged in can be directed to his own page on a new tab and be able to access the features found on that page. How can that be done in streamlit? Any one can help please!!?

To implement a user-specific page in Streamlit where each user is directed to their own page upon successful login, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Set up user authentication: Implement a user authentication system to verify user credentials. You can use libraries like Flask-Login, Django, or implement your own authentication logic.
  2. Store user information: Upon successful login, store user-specific information (such as user ID or username) in a session variable, a database, or a secure cookie.
  3. Create user-specific pages: Design and create separate Streamlit pages for each user or user role. These pages should contain the features and content specific to each user. You can create different functions or classes for each page.
  4. Route users to their respective pages: In your Streamlit app, based on the authenticated user’s information, use conditional logic to determine which user-specific page to display. You can utilize st.session_state or other session management techniques to store and retrieve user information.
  5. Open user-specific page in a new tab: To open the user’s specific page in a new tab, you can use the target="_blank" attribute when generating the URL. For example:

okay, I’ll see onto it. Can you link me with the one used already!? I you can.

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