Using bold style not possible in st.dataframe

first message here.
I work with streamlit since some days and find it fantastic. Quite some difficulties with Styler and Pandas though.
I generated an st.dataframe, and finally managed to put some background color in selected cells, but didn’t manage to make the police bold (or underlined, or to change some cell border). The bold work with st.table though.
Is it intended or is it a bug? I can put some code if needed but don’t think it make any difference as it work with st.table.
Thank you

Styler support is still experimental according to the docs with the only officially included part being color and alternate values at this time. Indeed when I tested on the latest version of Streamlit, it did not accept the bold formatting when displaying by st.dataframe. This limitation can always be circumvented by displaying the dataframe as a static table via the to_html method, though that obviously comes at the cost of interactivity.

Here are the current open issues involving pandas styler. You can comment and vote on any ones that interest you and open a new one if you’d like to put in a feature request that isn’t covered:

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Thanks for the answer! I will vote then.

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