Using Dataframe_Explorer to filter datetime values in my dataframe


I have a dataframe(Df) which has datetime column in it , iam using dataframe_explorer to filter the data from the dataframe, but i need to select one date further if i want the desired data , is there any way we can negate this by returning the data upto the selected date

Hi @saitharun_gunasekar

Since your data is in a dataframe, you can specify the range of data to use as follows:

  1. Figure out the unique values for the datetime column using df.name_of_date_column.unique() which should return an array/list of the dates. To ensure that they are listed in ascending order you can use the sort_value method on this column.
  2. Use column slicing to select dates leading up to but not including the selected date, thus something like df[df.name_of_date_column.unique()[:-1]] where -1 is the last element of the datetime list and the desired date (you can change the index number to match the desired date). This would filter the DataFrame to display a subset of the data leading up to but not including the desired date.

Hope this helps!